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November 24, 2023
The one and only Jerusalem piste above St Martin de Belleville. Look at that snow, priceless.

Hi everyone and welcome to another post from your favourite blogging Méribel ski instructor. I'm still glued to the webcams at the moment, with snow conditions evolving on a daily basis. Just like in the UK, various storms have passed through the Alps, and in fact suffered some really quite bad flooding in places! Further World Cup ski races have taken place, but also several have been cancelled due to high winds. A reminder of how dependent us skiers are on the weather.

Sometimes it's too cold to check the piste map on an app with un-gloved hands, good old fashioned paper maps have their place.

By the way, all of the photos on this post were taken last winter. It's funny you know, the snow conditions last season were considered to be below average, and I would agree with this statement. But looking through these photos, you would never have known. It's funny how a fresh snowfall followed by a cold sunny day livens up a photo. What do you think Aurelia?

Thumbs up!

So I wonder what this coming season will bring us? A below or an above average winter? A warmest on record, or a very chilly one? How will El Nino the other side of the planet affect the French Alps? So many questions.

What I do know from experience is that there will be sunny days. We will probably have some big storms, where we need to be patient and sit them out. Sometimes the top half of the mountain will be closed due to high winds and avalanche danger. At other times we will have epic fresh snow everywhere. We will definitely have many sunny days, with coffee stops on a mountain restaurant terrace. We will happily slap on the sun screen, and aftersun lotion later at night. We'll get funny skiers tan lines. We will eat lots and lots of tartiflettes, raclettes, pizzas, burgers, sometimes something healthy!?! We might enjoy a hot chocolate with cream on top, a café gourmand, a few beers, perhaps a vin chaud or two?

Anyone for vin chaud?
Don't ask! A nurse from Ontario Canada if I remember correctly.
Remember the World Championships?

There are so many questions to which we don't have the answers. Tell you what though, it's fun thinking about it all. Isn't it, Julia (from Bulgaria)?

Val Thorens.

I'm guessing that if you are reading this post, you may be a keen skier yourself, and can relate to these thoughts. And I don't care how many ski holidays you have enjoyed, we all look forward to going again. The other day I counted how many ski seasons I've completed, and I'll be honest I was surprised. This coming winter will be my 26th European season (having also done 2 seasons down in New Zealand). That's 27 already, my goodness. Brilliant though, keep 'em coming.....

It's not always sunny you know!
See what I mean.

Right, time to stop day dreaming and messing about. The winter tyres were fitted to the car earlier this week, oh, I must put some winter windscreen de-icer in the reservoir. I leave Leamington Spa this weekend and will arrive in Méribel Monday evening if all goes to plan. I need to finish my packing and download loads of podcasts to listen to on the big drive down. Can't wait to get there. And you know me, I'll more than likely post on the Socials, and the next blog sharpish. Do come back soon, and don't forget to Live With Passion. Martin.

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