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Spring Is Bouncing Around - Part Two

Posted on
April 3, 2023
White out at the bottom of the (closed) Bouquetin chairlift.

Hi everyone, and welcome to another post from your favourite blogging Méribel ski instructor. The ski season has now entered into the month of April, and we are well and truly into Spring skiing. In my previous post I spoke about the variety of weather and snow conditions, and last week very much continued along the same theme. I've been skiing with the Harringtons and we did our best to make the most of these conditions.

Keith & Laura on the Gelinotte blue piste.

We had a few chunky weather fronts to deal with, which gave some lovely fresh powder snow. Visibility varied, and when it is particularly poor, it's often best to stay in the trees to benefit from some definition. On Social Media I often post a 'Piste du Jour', and one day last week Keith, Laura and I agreed that Gelinotte was going to feature. It's not often that I ski this steep blue piste down to Chaudanne because of various reasons, but Gelinotte did us proud in the heavy snowfall. Sometimes aiming for 'low hanging fruit' works very well.

The best skiing day was on Tuesday, which followed two days of storms, with fresh temperatures and blue skies. It was breathtaking, and any piste was worthy of the 'Piste du Jour' tag. It was a real skiers dream. We did several runs high above St.Martin de Belleville and Les Menuires, before squirting across to Val Thorens for a very tasty lunch in La Fruitiere with Keith & Laura's friends.

Fresh corduroy.
Keith & Laura enjoying the fresh snow on the Jerusalem piste above St.Martin.
Les Granges chairlift.

Towards the end of the week, further weather fronts passed through. Depending on where the freeze level stood, the precipitation fell as either snow or rain. All in all I think Keith, Laura and I, as well as Jack & Charlie who skied with Ian, did really well to make the most of the conditions.

La Masse above Les Menuires.
Laura on the Murettes red piste in the Courchevel Valley.

I'm skiing with a different family this week. I first met Nick, the Dad, a few weeks ago on a corporate booking. He mentioned he was coming back to Méribel before Easter, so I promptly gave him my business card. That has worked out nicely, and it's fun being part of introducing his family to Méribel. How are the conditions this week? Bouncing around all over the place! Do come back soon for the next post, as always I'll sign off with my usual credo......Live With Passion. Martin.

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